I love being in front of the camera and think of it as silent acting..!

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Dramatically I have an Emily VanCamp quality with "emotion that rumbles below and out the eyes," according to my current coach, Annie Grindlay.

Comedically I have essence of Kaley Cuoco with strong comedic timing and a girl next door sexiness.  My comedy coach, Scott Sedita, calls me a Logical Smart type with a sexy, slightly Latin flair.

The characters that I become have layers and subtleties with captivating details and depth. I strive to creatively portray each character in the most memorable, beautiful ways that you forget I'm acting.

Some day, Tiara Lanai will be a household name.



Tiara Lanai

property manager

Advantageous Property Management partners with our clients and prides itself in "thinking like an owner".

Property Management Services.

notary public

Allow me to handle your important documents.  I can come to your home, office, set, or any place of business in Los Angeles.


Co-founder of Amigas Entertainment. Working in more than one way to bring projects to the silver screen.

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